Why online Privacy & Security matters

Why privacy matters, Why should you care and where to start


2/28/20244 min read

Today, I would like to cover topic of online privacy & security as a whole and and explain why it matters for me, why I'm doing what I'm doing. And maybe why you should think about it yourself.

Big Tech doesn't bother me that much

Before I'm pro privacy, I'm pro freedom. And I believe that the State is the ultimate freedom interventionist. If you are really new to this, It might be little bit harder to understand. Your whole life, from first school year trough central bank backed mortgage until pension (and inheritance tax) YOU ARE SUBJECTED TO THE STATIST PROPAGANDA.

You may not realize it - because that's the whole point of propaganda. But my job is not to make you an anarchist. To dig deeper into this topic, look at Anatomy of the State. It's short simple book that says enough.

About the Big Tech: When you log into any Meta app, or just even download it to your phone, it starts tracking everything you do. Same with Google - every search you make, gets tracked. And then Amazon - every package delivered to your name. This all ultimately makes your Digital Identity.

And what is it used for? FOR ADVERTISING.

Do you really have problem with getting personal recommendations for things that you want? When I place the question like that, most will answer "I DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THAT"

Now let's omit the fact that with AI it leads to even more consumerist dystopian society.

Government comes into play

This Digital Identity doesn't only contain which shoes you like, what car would you like to drive or what celebrity is your crush.

It can form pretty accurate picture of your political beliefs, your religion, household income and more things important for the Government. Now you must think again: "Why it is a problem?"

Because government really likes finding a culprit for any problems that are in the society (often created by the government itself). And you cannot say that you won't be targeted. Government will always try to find minority they can frame as the ultimate culprit for something. It can be the most arbitrary demographic characteristic you can name.

When they decide to persecute some group, it'll become pretty easy once you get all the records from the Big Tech. And this is not some dystopian idea I formed when I coupled ZYNs, Coffee with my schizophrenic paranoia. It is real. At this point, government is the biggest perpetrator of individuals privacy invasion. Privacy International makes pretty good point in this post.

Government attacks our privacy now even more. Previously it was the Patriot Act, now CBDCs.

Once you understand this, that's when you really start to care about your digital privacy & security.

Where to start?

This is the hardest part. If you are not enthusiastic about tech and don't dig that deep, all the options may seem confusing to you at first.

The main thing you should do is uninstalling all the apps you don't really need. I get it, you need Instagram. Cool. But stop here and get rid of TikTok (only frying dopamine receptors) and Facebook (are you 50 yo or what).

Then go around your homescreen and think about the apps you don't really use. Unistall them.

Just after that comes the part were you transition to privacy focused alternatives.

Just for the start:

The there might be things you will find out you need and won't find alternatives quick. For me, it was website analytics that don't need cookie banner.

Of course, you still need banking apps, Uber or other that for some fucking reason require you to use their app. On Samsung, you can solve this with Secure Folder. But no idea how to do this on iPhone. And I don't believe having 2 phones will solve it. Ultimate solution would be GrapheneOS allowing you to run apps in Sandbox.

Of course this is not everything. It is much more complex.

In and out

That's why I've started Sovereign Outcomes last September to help people with online Privacy & Security. I'm not here to convert normies, but to help individuals who are sovereign in other aspects of life and need help with tech After lot of trying and studying, I'm finally getting feedback on my work. On Sunday, I've hit 400 followers. Is it much? Imagine speaking to room of 400 people. When I was starting this journey, I wasn't even sure if online P&S is the right path. But sticking with what I already understood kept me going.

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Be Sovereign.

Not only online.

Marconius Solidus

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