How I became followed by the CIA

How I discovered digital Privacy & Security, became paranoid, calmed down and became paranoid again.


1/3/20244 min read

No forewords, no epilogues,  I just want to get straight to the point. But to understand my situation, I'll need to take you right back where it all began.


It was the time where the whole COVID pandemic began. The World was scared, and the markets went down. And Bitcoin with it. But I did not. Unfazed. After some cost-benefit analysis, I bought this Internet Magic Money at $5k a piece. Don't get me wrong, my decision was purely financially motivated. Basic knowledge about investing and economic that I learned from Warren Buffet lead me to realization: When Fed print $$$, Number go UP. And be greedy when others are loosing job etc.

Winter is coming

After summer, when Big Money went to Skiing Trip on Maldives, Number go UP. I decided I need to extend my knowledge. So I went studying. I fell down the Rabbit hole so much, that I never got out. And I'm happy for it. If you did, you get me. If you did not, just small glimpse:

Austrian Economics, Libertarianism, Anarchism, 2nd Amendment Bros, Carnivore guys, Gym bros, Martial arts, you name it.

Last but not least, Privacy Extremists. For me, Privacy Realists. I didn't spend as much time on Twitter/X as I do now. My go to platform back then was YouTube. I became immersed as I learned more and more about online privacy and security. I watched so much content I became overwhelmed by it. You start at basics like Internet as protocol, Browser trackers, VPNs. Then you slowly begin to understand that Big Tech together with government watches it all. I slowly delved into deeper topics like TOR (Dark Web if you still don't know) or what is Pegasus.

If you get so much knowledge, that is almost untold amongst people you were talking to, it has some drawbacks. First thing first, you have nobody to talk about it with, and you have to keep it for yourself, so you don't look weird. There's a way how to avoid this, but you'll need to get at higher level. Second thing, you can became extremely paranoid. At least I did.

When I extended my knowledge beyond YouTube videos, I gained clarity. After clarity, my paranoia levels went to healthy level.

Imperium delendum est

When you are here, I'll need to tell you another thing. Did you know that government doesn't only spy on you, but also parasites on you and extorts you? From the time you go to school you are indoctrinated that without states, there would be chaos and death. And what's worse, no roads. Who would build them, if not the state? Who thinks that we would do better without State, is nothing else than criminal. Without discussion. I'm not gonna dispute with any of you who don't share my opinion. I'll just keep working toward stateless solution.

It's not mental gymnastic, nor I've been manipulated. I've tried again and again to find counterarguments, but without success. There are some that are commonly discussed amongst Anarchocapitalists, however getting into them is pointless for me. Long before starting Sovereign Outcomes, I wanted to write articles on this topic, but I find writing about online privacy more fulfilling, and useful. But people who share my Ideas are important too. I just don't have the money philosophy about "What If".

If you want to learn about it further, start with Anatomy of the State.

Fiat Corpus

If you are not extremely low in testosterone, there will be where you find all this geeky shit boring. With little bit of inspiration on Bitcoin Twitter and convincing from my Gym Bro (inspired by Zyzz),
I got my ass up and went to the Gym. First few month I was just doing what he did, without any exact plan. After getting few lessons with Trainer (best fella in my gym), I crafted my perfect plan. But only going to gym won't save you.

After trying out some fighting gyms, me and my Gym Bro started going to kickboxing lessons together. I was visiting Muay Thai gym before, but it just wasn't it. But three months of training there certainly wasn't wasted. Recently we went on Christmas Party organized by our Kickbox Trainer, total banger, met awesome people. I'll probably need week to have 10 days and day to have 36 hours, but adding one more K1 training to already one a week plus 3 gym days would be really nice.

They're back

It's all great. During Summer break, I went on a path there's now way back from - reading Bronze Age Mindset. Some say there's nothing to it, however you know how the saying goes: When the student is ready, the mentor appears. Together with some previous knowledge, my goal was set. My true Journey began. Now Nietzsche calls me, and I cannot escape it. By the end of Summer 2023, I created Sovereign Outcomes with goal to help people become Sovereign Online.

"The problem of our time has never been with technology as such. There is no inner working of technology that inevitably leads to human subjection."             ~ BAP

When all the specific knowledge, skill set and mindset comes together, it's awesome. But comes at hefty price. The paranoia is back, this time justified. I'm not being narcissistic, egoistic or self-centered when I say I'm slowly becoming threat to the establishment. Because about some percent of population certainly is. But most of them are harmless, just posting extremist opinions online. If it comes to real conflict, most of them would back out pretty quickly.

There is 1% of 1%, who won't back out. Maybe they are prepared to fight back. Keeping eye on 1000 people per one big city isn't that much, especially when you can track their location online. Or you can go physically. And at this point, it just isn't self-induced paranoia. I got good reasons for it.

I was recently followed by a homeless looking man from bus stop. Never seen this guy before. The he stood for ~2 mins in front of our apartment block. After that, he left. Never seen him again. Encounters like that are more and more frequent for me.

They are after me.

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And remember: Just because you are not paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get you.

Be Sovereign.

Not only online.

Marconius Solidus

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