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Money over privacy fiasco - why VC funding wins over good interests


2/15/20242 min read

Previously, I planned to write some longer posts and make bigger analysis, but after a quick thinking I decide just to sum this up and do more important things.

This Tweet was posted by Skiff on 10th February. You probably know that Notion is SaaS company used for fancy notes and acquired some others companies before. "OK, but Skiff can't access our data, because they're end-to-end encrypted." About that - your data will be deleted.

Skiff forgot to mention all Skiff service will be discontinued (email, calendar, drive, pages) and users will lose their private data if they do not export / migrate it to other services. You'll need to read about that on their website, fortunately mentioned in the first paragraph.

The Skiff Privacy fiasco has left many users feeling confused, frustrated, and disappointed. As a startup it gained significant traction among privacy enthusiasts. Skiff's sudden shutdown came as a surprise, and its handling of the situation has raised important questions. about communication, transparency, and user support.


One of the main issues with Skiff's shutdown was the lack of clear communication regarding the reasons for its closure. The announcement was vague, leaving users in the dark about what was happening and why. This lack of transparency created confusion and panic, as users struggled to understand the situation and find answers to their questions. The dishonesty baffles me. "We're joining Notion" = "We'll shutdown in 6 months."

VC Funding

VC funding sucks. You can be as privacy focused as you want, but if your investor wants to get some money, sooner or later he'll sell you to highest bidder. For me, the biggest inspiration is crowdfunded hardware wallet Trezor. Another inspiration is ProtonMail that was able to raise $500K from about
10 000 backers. Crowdsourcing is still viable option if you wanna pump your business up.


We'll have to settle on something:

  • If you're shutting down your SaaS, say it clearly and don't try to hide it.

  • Don't get VC funded. Yes, investors are everywhere and will give you millions of $$$, but they'll dictate your every step

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